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Spicy, tangy and taste giving saico has already become a household name in India and abroad. Saico spices, based in Calicut, Kerala is the leading manufacturer of the increasingly popular Saico brand of curry powders, coffee, pickles, pickle powders, Atta, Vinegar, coconut oil etc.,

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The envisble brandequity and leadership position in the market as its sheet streangth Saico spices had made quality and purity the hall-marks of its products without compromising on the original quality of the meterials.

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We use fully automated machinery for both production and packing. The machineries are made of pure stainless steel. We are using high quality ingredients, adopting good manufacturing practices.


Almost 2 lakh families are using Saico brand Food products every month then gradually increased our product varieties as we deliver high end product with best possible price. Our Clients:- All leading Hotels, Food Product Manufacturers and all leading Sweets and Savories manufacturers.


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